About Us

Welcome to Diyaa Bridals

Since 2015, the year i opened up our small business we have indeed come a long way, thanks to all the background support from family and friends.

Most of all a big thank you to my instagram family who never stops cheering me to do better each day!! I am indeed grateful for them.

Growing up I always loved to do my family members and friends makeup for wedding parties and get togethers. However, I never thought about it as a career,Instead I kept on
trying different fields , for an example, i have done a few months into hospitality management, networking,
And then tried doing child psychology etc etc until I found my real passion!!.

Then I started getting qualified from well known make-up artists and institutes.finally i was ready to follow my dream in becoming a really good bridal makeup-artist.

I started doing bridal makeovers for brides in the family and then dressed a few brides for free of charge! Afterwards, many others came to me and that’s when I started Diyaa bridals.

Diyaa bridals Is something very close to my heart and every bride is dressed up with love and my passion for art.

I genuinely enjoy being a part of someone’s most important day in their lives!!

With love,